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  • skiplarson98 skiplarson98 Jun 14, 2013 7:58 PM Flag

    Old posts:

    We used to have excellent discussions on this board and hossman005 was one of the early contributors. I looked up his handle and found this reference to a post from 1998 in which he introduced me to Raven. At that point I had bought my first 100 shares and was underwater with them.
    I went back to the first few posts on this board when a helpful local talked about Raven's future. This is one of the later posts he did and looks quite mistaken from this vantage point. Yet he was very right and the shares of Raven did go down to the low teens during the 18 months after he warned me. The only thing he got wrong is that any purchase in those two years turned out to be golden. Many opportunities to buy at a split and dividend adjusted $2 and as low as $1.58 on 3-30-00. That makes Raven a 20 bagger from the low point. Here's Hossman's post but he made several others which gave excellent information about the company. Also a fellow in Aerostar talked about the future back in those first few posts. What a treasure for me--Thanks. L.

    hey mr. skip
    by: hossman005 08/13/98 03:52 pm
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    i hope you didnt buy to much of me when i tell you here in sioux falls things dont look to bright for ravens....the farm picture is one of the problems,record lo corn,bean,and livestock prices makes there plastic tanks and there flow control devices not sell...along with all the other electronic farm related stuff...and dont count on the other division to do anything but tread water...i tryed to talk my brofer into raven but i'm glad i listened..the down side is how deep and how long will farm prices be so bad??!!?? Less

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    • whoops! To help you understand the sequence, I wrote the first paragraph a few minutes ago. The next paragraph beginning: "I went back....." was written in 2006. Then hossman005's post is self explanatory. For any newcomers, you should be aware that Raven's stock price is well over 30 times what it was on March 30, 2000. And the dividends have been quite exceptional also with several specials.

      Everything takes longer than I think it will, so maybe hossman was right all along and it has just taken 15 years for it to come to light. In the meantime, I've been quite successful with my share of Raven Industries and had every confidence that whatever Ron Moquist told me would turn out to be as close to accurate as he could make it. Dan Rikhus is still an unknown quantity though I was pleased to hear that he took some of the responsibility for recent poor results. Raven is much more diversified now--and I don't expect Dan to have the kind of total awareness of his predecessor.

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      • That got my interest up with Hossman005's recent post also. I went back and looked at some of his posts from 2006 and 2007. He was fairly positive on Raven back then, and really positive on Daktronics. Wonder if he has any thoughts on DAKT now. Hossman005, where have you been for the last 5 years?

        Anyhow, I am considering buying back the shares I sold at 32.50 if we get down to 28 or so. If the markets gets its 10% correction, we might get lower than that. I have been surprised that Raven hasn't dropped more than it has.

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