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  • lakeshore555 lakeshore555 Feb 7, 2013 9:03 AM Flag

    Santini -- it's a SLEEPER all right. As in, the ETERNAL NAP.


    that's funny -- you're pumping CBAI like a chicken with his head cut off -- and now you're pumping LLBO?

    Do you pick these stocks out of a hat?

    You keep bragging about how much DD you did on CBAI, santini. You certainly didn't do any here.

    Let me tell you about LLBO, santini. It's all hype. Holmes sold this device to another company once, many years ago, and they GAVE IT BACK -- they didn't sell it back, they GAVE IT BACK.

    Holmes has been promising an FDA submission for years. He's no closer now than he he was back then.

    When this LLBO printing machine stopped making money, Holmes created a second company called First Warning Systems to bilk new investors.

    IF you truly believe in this product -- which means you're a sucker -- you should contact Holmes and "invest" in First Warning Systems.

    This topic is deleted.
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