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  • will_work_4_tips will_work_4_tips Oct 21, 2002 7:13 AM Flag

    Terrorist Theory on the Sniper

    Police and Federal Agents need to be careful they are not allowing the sniper and those behind him to set them up for a major terrorist incident.

    I envision a sniper attack causing authorities to close the highway system around DC then the main element of the Terrorist cell detonating a Chemical, biological or dirty nuke. My guess is a biologic like smallpox because of the difficulty of detecting it.

    I think we are playing right into their hands by locking down a major corridor like that. We are getting people out into the open and concentrating them at a location of their choosing and leaving the victims with no means of escape.

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    • I had a similar thought. Are they terrorist attacks or merely a diversion while tying up as many guns, authority, media, etc. as possible before launching something worse. We need to assume it's terrorist related one way or another. Is it really a coincidence that out of the entire continental US that this is going on in D.C. I think that point alone should rule out it being some maniac like they are often comparing to, 'Son of Sam' or something. What are the odds of this kind of killer, and then factor the odds of it being D.C. that's say, 1 out of 20 billion people who become killers that choose sniper killing and like to do it every other day multiplied by say 1,000 cities, hmm. I think everyone need's to read between the lines here. I mean it could be time to prepare, take up arms, vaccinations, whatever.

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