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  • jaguar782001us jaguar782001us Jul 19, 2005 12:14 AM Flag

    No Dead US Troops for Days in Iraq


    I call that winning!!

    Things are simmering down there and we are not losing any more troops.

    Bush is a messenger from God!!

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    • What do you mean by days?

      Four killed on July 14. Spe Jared Hartley died on July 15 and Sgt Travis Cooper on July 16.

      Check Honor the Fallen to confirm this.

    • The Propeganda from Iraq shows 50 people rounded up and a bomb found. Big Deal, we are not winning. Think about the 400 Tons of Missing Munitions, a million man army that simply walked away and are waiting and Osama bin Laden rubbing Bush�s nose in his ineptness!

      Donald Rumsfeld in his rush to Baghdad with minimum planning and support has us in a second Vietnam.

      We have troops on the ground right now who are subject to weapons which WE SHOULD HAVE secured.

      The fact that our troops ended up guarding pipelines, not ammo dumps is the most shocking issue I can think of for any of our fighting men there. This sort of piss-poor planning, and the rush to secure oil pipelines has cost US lives.

      The worst thing I could possibly think of is a policy which states that protecting oil pipelines is more important than securing an ammo dump.

      Ammo which wasn't protected... guess where the insurgents are using that? Right at us.
      The people who did this to our brave men and women need to be brought to justice... starting with the commander in chief who led us here.

    • sad, simply sad. drink enough kool-aid and a wacko like this appears

    • Someone in denial. Guess you don't read the paper or listen to the news!

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