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  • ziiggy_the_hog_figgy ziiggy_the_hog_figgy Feb 19, 2006 9:40 AM Flag


    Boehner's Lobbyist LandlordGate
    Arlen Specter Contract/ConflictGate
    Katrina Disaster ResponseGate
    Chertoff Malfeasance & IncompetenceGate
    Brownie Doing A Heckuva JobGate
    Illegal Impeachable Domestic SpyGate
    Bush Requests Billions More For Iraq WarGate
    GOP Leaders Discussing ImpeachmentGate
    Violence On Unguarded Mexican BorderGate
    U.S. Ports Sold To United Arab EmiratesGate
    Diebold/Maryland Voting Machine FraudGate
    GOP/Custer/Battles Contract FraudGate
    $9 Billion Taxdollars Missing In IraqGate
    Iraq Descending Into Civil WarGate
    Rising Troop DeathtollGate
    Cheney Authorization of CIA LeakGate
    Cheney Says He Can Declassify At WillGate
    Corrupt GOP Congress Quashes NSA ProbeGate
    Deleted White House EmailGate
    Halliburton No Bid Contract FraudGate
    Iraq War Is Essentially LostGate
    Drunk Cheney Shotgun Negligence Gate
    Cheney Shooting Cover-upGate
    Cheney 29% Job ApprovalGate
    Still No WMDsGate
    Saddam Kangaroo TrialGate
    Where's Osama?Gate
    Ann Coulter Voter Fraud FelonyGate
    Military Recruiting Addicts/CriminalsGate
    New Abu Ghraib Torture PhotosGate
    Ohio Coin ScandalGate
    Record Trade DeficitGate
    Record National DebtGate
    Indicted Libby Rolls On CheneyGate
    Bush Humiliated At Coretta's FuneralGate
    Duke Cunningham Crying Like A BitchGate
    Chicago Turns Down GOP ConventionGate
    Richard Dreyfus Calls For ImpeachmentGate

    Too bad Russert only has one hour to work with, eh? So many GOP scandals, so little time...

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