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  • wpscforyou wpscforyou May 23, 2008 10:37 AM Flag

    GE will be the solution to our energy

    problems. They will be at the forefront of our change over to nuclear, wind power and clean coal plants. Take your cue from Boone Pickens who just place a multi billion dollar contract to by wind power from GE.Boone is on the cutting edge of what needs to be done and has been spot on for years. The liberal's Dems will be caving in on Nuclear power when gas prices go to $6 and the public starts screaming for their heads to do something. Think about it GE is the only company that has the where with all to do this. They will come up with new ways to power our vechicles. Not only that GE will be building water plants all over the world. If GE does not have the technology they will purchase it. This is a screaming buy and it will become a super growth stock story once again.

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    • I think GE paying 4% is an excellent buying opportunity.

      This company is a proxy for the entire American economy.

      The problem right now, I believe, is that GE represents an overweight in finance and an underweight in commodities and energy.

      The reports of GE's death are greatly exaggerated, IMHO.

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      • Hey idiot - its 4% because their share value is dropping , hey wait if ge goes to 25 they"ll be at a 5% yield , buy buy buy

      • Stepheen Leeb in his book The Coming Economic Collapse sees GE's energy division growing as much as 25-30% annually over the next decade, because it is so well-positioned with its alternative-energy technology (e.g., wind, coal, nuclear energy, natural gas).

        Immelt has been given little credit in a truly tough economy. I believe he's got something to prove and has stepped up to the challenge. And I don't think he misjudged the value of his company now himself when he bought millions of shares at several points higher than GE is going for now.

        That's why I bought heavily into GE this week. I want to be in a solid company that's already prepared for the alternative-energy boom that's coming--rather than in a newer alternative-energy company that might not really exist, take years to show a profit, or go belly up.

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