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  • tony27719 tony27719 Jun 7, 2008 5:14 PM Flag

    GE: A great company, but a lousy stock.

    I've never owned a share in GE. Looking at a chart this company has been dead money for several years. Now I see that the price has dropped to the point it's yielding around 4%. With an excellent dividend history and now at a price of $30 it looks looks attractive. It did break below $30 during the last recession so I'm thinking about waiting until 2nd quarter's earning are announced. Comments anyone?

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    • GE Capital has investors very worried, along with just about all financials. GE has no SIV/CDO/US Mortgage risk that has crushed most financials but its never the less getting whacked. I think when the financial credit crisis eases GE will rally strongly, but its currently trading more like a bank than a conglomerate. Infrastructure is doing great, but investors are focusing on GE Capital. I think GE has easy upside/limited downside for a patient investor, but right now its a panicky market for financials.

    • Yes, I agree with you. GE is a great company, but a lousy stock right now.

      GE sort of reminds me of WalMart. For a very long time, WalMart was not appreciated and its CEO was maligned because the stock was not going up. Now WalMart is getting the recognition it rightly deserves with its slogan: "Save people money so they can live better."

      I'm wondering if GE is in the same position. I think they are in the right areas of business. You are fortunate not to have bought already and can truly buy low.


    • The US is a great country but a lousy stock market...

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      • let's look at the definition of a great country.

        1 )Is a great country dependent on foreign oil and old fossil fuel technology that is just ruining the planett?
        2) Does a great country have no health care system for its people, in comparison to our developed countries like germany, canada, etc. (if you get sick and have no job your screwed)
        3) Does a great country spend the peoples retirement money (social security)on foolish programs and wasteful spending
        4) Does a great country go to war with only the few making sacrifices (how about war tax)
        5)does a great country spend hundreds of billions of dollars on the war with some of that money no where to be found
        6) does a great country have the same school programs as the 50 and 60s (except a water down version) and no idea of changing the cirrculum to address todays complex issues.
        7) Does a great country with no energy policy sit around and do nothing.
        8) does a great country pass a pathetic farm bill that benefits just certain industries, and few people at the expense of the masses.
        9) does a great country outsource its jobs to foreign countries who don't even except our products.
        10) does a great country allow defective products into the country without any regard for its people.
        11) does a great country allow itself to be dependent on foreign countries and run up hugh deficits to sustain its economy

        I could go on and on, maybe you should think twice when you use the word "great" . maybe past tense would have been the proper language. "This once great country" probably would have been a better choice of words. or maybe average country, but "great" is really asking too much after many years of fraud, abuse, unethical behavior, dishonesty. greed, selfishness, etc,etc,etc..................................

    • if you wait that long it will be too late

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