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  • b12s_slurpy b12s_slurpy Oct 1, 2008 10:56 PM Flag

    CNN Predicts Obama Victory!!!

    CNN's country map shows Obama got 260 electoral votes to McCain's 189 at the moment.

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    • no shi t you ass. CNN is demecrats just like FOX new is repoblic. What world are you from. Vote for you candidate and shut the F up. This bill that just got passed will coast Americans billions. This is to bail out the chinis government and all the billions they put into Fnm and Fre not to sore up our econemy it's to save big boys. We little people get shafted. The middle class alway carry the crap on our sholder for everyone ass hole out there. Just pay your taxes and keep going. that's all you can do. and another thing. This stock in going down because it has big bets on CDOs just like leh and bs gs and ms they all are down because they made big mistakes and now we get to bail them out. That's all this is a bail out for the big boy's Got it.

    • That should be the kiss of death. Does anyone seem to care that no one who went to college with BO seems to remember him? His roommate at Columbia was/still is a drug dealer and in the recent video clip of the guy he looked like he was still high as a kite. It's bizarre that people basically idolize (and I mean IDOLIZE as in MESSIAH LIKE STATUS) a person that basically has a past shrouded in mystery that only is explained in detail by one person, HIMSELF, in a book he writes about himself. WHAT A COUNTRY! He is the next MLK without so much as doing one freaking thing for black people. Truly amazing.

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      • God made many dumb people, probably to create contrast to know who the smart ones are. JNot only are Democrats dumb, they are vicious LIARS too. They NEED TO BE DEFEATED!!

        Democracy Alliance memo details Dem plan to "educate the idiots" and target minorities

        October 1, 2008
        Face The State Staff Report

        In a confidential internal memorandum obtained by Face The State (PDF), the Colorado Democracy Alliance outlines a roster of "operatives" who worked for Democratic victory in the 2006 general election. The document outlines specific tasks for various members of the state's liberal infrastructure, including a campaign to "educate the idiots," assigned to the state's AFL-CIO union. Among the operation's intended targets: "minorities, GED's, drop-outs."

        Individuals named in the document, marked "CONFIDENTIAL," "for internal use only," and "DO NOT DISTRIBUTE," are high-level elected Democrats including House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, former Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald, as well as Gov. Bill Ritter's press aide and former campaign chief Evan Dreyer. All are specially marked as "off-the-record or covert."

        Mentioned as a "critical contact" was Dominic DelPapa, a partner at Ikon Public Affairs. DelPapa was at the center of recent controversy stemming from the February leak of a confidential memo he authored detailing a multi-million dollar "foot on throat" attack on Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer, among others.

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