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  • somefuns somefuns Jan 26, 2009 1:13 AM Flag

    can anyone predict what will happen to the US system

    US over took British in 1940s as the superpower & made US a super rich country(yes by the smart Europeans), now the majority of the US population are Blacks and Hispanics, with 1 person 1 vote, they vote their men in the office, their men make "fairness" law to reward the failure and punished the super smart competitions, now US has evolved into a inferior free market and socialism system, compared with the extremely successful Chinese system of Command and Capitalism that brought the Chinese to the 3rd biggest economy in just a few years, yes, they don't give a damn about voters of their own people.
    i am seeing this country is breaking down(the biggest companies coming down 1 by 1,gm f citi ge......) & looks like to a point of no return, i want to know what will happen next to the US.

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    • If we're lucky a leader of the people will emerge and re-instill a sense of national pride. Old ways of doing things will be eliminated as they have been corrupted to the point of dysfuunction at this point.

      Also, the subversive jewish element must be contained.

    • send_this_pig_to_hell send_this_pig_to_hell Jan 26, 2009 10:47 AM Flag

      "with the extremely successful Chinese system of Command and Capitalism that brought the Chinese to the 3rd biggest economy in just a few years, yes, they don't give a damn about voters of their own people"

      I am not sure I would call successful a system that has allowed vast amounts of land to be turned into toxic waste lands, water supplies polluted at wholesale levels, and the air in most major cities turned into chocking smog that in the US would be considered life endangering levels of smog. I don’t know what you consider a success, but turning my country into a wasteland for the all mighty buck isn’t worth it.

      Also the Chinese economy isn’t doing so well lately being so heavily tied to the US, and other countries economies. Along with that the make a buck at any cost mentality of Chinese companies has been taking its toll on exports. After all if you are willing to sell diluted milk mixed with chemicals for making plastic for your own countries children, what are you willing to do to those in the countries you export to?

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      • good point, but you didn't answer the question what will happen next in US, i made 20% last years by having the right mindset(i believe) by just doing 2 things 40% gold and trade around oil dxo, uso & uco(why 3 of them? just to minimized the contango problem), once you have the right mindset, you won't lose money, but i do have open mind to listen to good theory.

    • Half of America has average or below average intelligence. This is a mathematical fact.

      But 95% of Americans will claim they have above average intgelligence. This is partly due to uneducated delusion, and partly due to who we choose to hang around with and compare ourselves to.

      These people have no motivation to improve themselves.

      This is what we call a "death spiral".

    • all I can VERY VERY strongly suggest for the near term is to please for the sake of those you love & care about... your family and close ones... keep several weeks of cash at hand (in case bank holidays declared) and minimum of few months supply of food.

      You've lost nothing if it is not needed and protected them to some degree. Huge bag of pintos, rice at Sam's is extremely cheap and available for right now, but what if that changes overnite.

      Few truly grasp the dangers currently lurking in our financial system right now. When they do, it will be too late to act.

    • Its The Chinese New Year Today. It's the Year Of The OX ... as in BULL MARKET! The year of the RAT is over, and we certainly had enough rats in 2008. The idea of socialism in America is absurd! The trend is exactly the opposite. Privatization is the way of the future.

    • Try O'Really on the Faux News Channel
      we are no longer importers of what it reads on the base of the Statue of Liberte

      -Pancho Villa Rocks

      or $5k will still get the job done...


    • The U.S is essentially a THIRD WORLD country now. It is technically bankrupt, and printing money like there is no tomorrow. The ageing baby boombers makes the U.S one of the OLDEST demograpics. The Future looks GRIM.

      Luckily there is no one else right now to take over SUPER POWER status. But that is coming with China.

    • Well we supported freedom around the world - paid to police the entire globe - Japan had no real army - Canada no real army - the rest of the world looked at us to lead. Then we sold out to China and let them grow so fast thinking we would be their partner and I am sure there are several very wealthy bankers that got filthy rich with China as they cored our our corporations. Without Europe and American - China would still be in the dark ages - we bought all their goods to help bring them into the 21'st century at the cost of our corporations and citizens. Basically at the cost of our citizens because the corporations are public and owned in so many mutual funds that are owned by our citizens - we all got fkd -
      Subprime loans to workers that were going to loose their jobs - now their homes will be stolen from them for pennies on the dollar and the cycle will start over in 15 years. Unless we have a revolution - depends on the dollar.

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      • exactly right.... and this collapse of the US occurring right before our eyes did not just happen overnite... it is the results of the past 30 years from our lawmakers in Congress selling & destroying America to line their own pockets.

        Free Trade--freely giving our co's and jobs away to other nations. We've all been fed the same lies that the new One World Order is good for us all. We all have to be equal... that means the richer countries come down and the poorer ones are lifted up at their expense.

        We officially are no longer a MANUFACTURING country. We now have more people employeed by the government than by companies. A service country which they have aimed for is not a wealthy country. After you lose all your manufacturing base and the jobs that go with that... who could afford services anyway? Thus here we are and Obama/dems (tho Repub just as at fault) preparing you for a soft landing by saying "it will only get worse" as it is supposed to make it easier for you. It's like when commit crimes in office and then say "I will take full responsibility" only to go on to the next unpunished criminal act.

        It took the last 30 yrs for our leaders to destroy our country and yes, it will not come back overnite... it will take decades, IF it ever does happen.

    • And our GDP last year was how many trillion?

    • The mortgage default crisis alone involves only how many trillion? Folks need to be prepared to take care of their families.

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