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  • obama_hypocrisy obama_hypocrisy Mar 11, 2009 7:52 PM Flag


    Today Obama signed a massive spending bill

    As you graduate from high school and get full time jobs, or if you go to college and then get a job, you will be paying for decades for what Obama signed today.

    A straw vote during the presidental primary indicated the majority of high school students voted for Obama for president. He promised he would not pass any bill that had earmarks. Well he lied to you students.

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    • Obama has been in office less than sixty days.

      Let's look at his record up to this point.
      1. No new taxes for people who earn less than 250K. He recently signed the bill to increase the Federal cigarette tax to .63 cents per pack.

      2. No Lobyiest on my team or staff. What was Dashel, also Lobyiest from Raytheon given staff job in DOD.

      3. Transparant Goverment. Stimulus bill not written by him or his staff. Full of Pork for Reid and Pelosi. Will not stimulate economy.

      4. I will not sign any bills that contain earmarks. I will view and read each item in all bills that I sign and remove or not sign bills with earmarks. Now the spending bill that he signed today has over 8,000 earmarks. He now claims it is not a perfect bill but he or his staff must move on to get the goverment moving.

      5. He has just put over two (2) trillion dollars on an American Express credit card payable to CHINA that is going to be paid by the current High School Students when they graduate. Will they be able to afford college. Guess not because their parents will not have any money to spend on Education because their taxes paid will be going to cover the 10% interest charge to CHINA and the Principal of the bonds to pay off the debt.

      6. He is not finished yet. Since he has taken office the stock market DOW has fallen 2,000 dollars. This is your 429's, your parents IRA's, and your parents future pension benefits.

      He has been in office less that 2 months and now we have this enormous hole. Just think of the next 46 months we have to go

    • oh brother, STFU!

    • I smell farts again

    • "Well he lied to you students. "

      HE IS A LEFTIST DEMOCRAT. LYING is what they do.

      Arrogance, ineptitude, stupidity, hate and anti Americanism is also a common trait.

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