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  • the_rationale_investor the_rationale_investor Mar 29, 2009 10:07 AM Flag

    $3000 per year average per house for Cap-n-Trade bills in

    the Budget Obama is about to sign. If you live in a house you are scr*wed. $1 more per gallon of gas at the pump. If you work for the coal industry your scr*wed, and that just hte begining. I didn't even get to the other parts of this. Folks this is the biggest farce, we hav been in a cooling trend since 1998. NASA's chief climintologist says Global warming is based on junk science. And the joke is on the US my friends. The 3rd world countries and even China are exempt. This is nothing more than a transfer of US weath to the rest of the world, of course other countries support it. Libs like the sound of it "Cap-n-Trade", "Cap-n=Trade". Like we are capping the "BAD" carbon output, methane. And "Trade", like trade is somehow dirty. My lib friends I know these sound good and make you feel warm and tingley all over, but this is going to hurt you, and hurt you bad. Trust me you aren't going to feel good about this proposal. Wake up and realize this is an assualt on all Americans. A lot of jobs will be lost, A lot of jobs.

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    • Still in budget my friends. If this doesn't prove how stupid a democrat is then there is no hope. The economy is suffering because of a housing may homes will go into default to pay this Al Gore tax? How many people won't buy homes to pay the Al Gore tax?

      Folks this budget plan is going to make the whole country so poor, that toilet paper will be a luxury.

    • Put down the bottle Gramps and go back to bed.

      LMFAO @ U!!!

    • Yeah cause carbon output isnt important. Like i said in the other post, you sit and breath your cars tailpipe in for 10 minutes a day and you tell me who is stupid.

    • Why dont you stand near a coal plant and breath right by the pipes for 10 minutes a day see what happens. Why dont you sit by your car's tailpipe and breath that for 10 minutes a day.
      See what that does to the OZONE. Ozone protects us from harmful rays. So you tell me if you want to put sun screen on everytime you go out and get the mail.

      You see its not all about global warming. The toxic gas is the main reason. You republicans are just too greedy to see that. You think with money and not to the future. Thats why the 8 years of Bush screwed the whole world.

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