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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Apr 25, 2009 4:27 AM Flag

    back to 7 soon, earnings will tank this scripted pos channel

    GET RID OF LARRY KUDLOW THE NAZI, that the right wing jizzheads who jerkoff to his every word and charlie gasporino. the uneducated, non mannered coke head, who always thinks he is right and is usually wrong, that man along with Kudlow are going to burn in hell for sellig out the little people and doing and saying whatever the Illuminati or the Bilderberg group tell them to say.

    And why is this Kudlow arsehole on all the time.

    You are giving him as much airtime as Dylan ratigan was getting. You phucked up not keeping him, he probablt told you guys to get phucked, exactly what I would of told you.

    Understand this, you old rich, old money who sip your scotch and smoke your cigars not all or every American is as stupid as you think they are or you try to program them to be.

    If you pos losers who are more of a large financial then anything else, go buy Sunpower, worst 3 months for solar companies in America and Sunpower did much better then they thought the results would be. Since they are big on their secret parts of their buildings that are off limits to almost everybody and all the access codes one must enter to get anywhere near the future of solar (or so I hear) I do know that they are getting all the big contracts from the cutting edge utilities in America, this is the perfect month to take it to 40-45 before everyone else catches on and you have to try and get their shares later. SPWRA also has 91% institutional ownership which means it will go up easily and be a monster right of their with the other big gorilla first solar.

    LDK the best chinese solar with massive chinese sunsidies and a huge deal with the biggest solar company in the entire world QCELLS!

    Don't believe me? go read the PR's on both LDK and SPWRA and Obama is big on Solar so I am betting if he really wants to compete with other nations he will match the chinese subsidies of about 80% or do a little better, also he will want the uptick rule to be restored out of the blew to catch some of those illegal shorters.


    be careful of the banks, they have run too much too fast, stay away from anything housing, insurance, those they will let go to zero, most of them, the stress test is just a good faith effort to show the Obama administration tried to do something.

    OIL WILL HEAD BACK UP BUT NOT for a month or 2. I like COP here for just a trade.

    Bank of America has a lot of problems and i think they might let C citigroup and AIG go under if they can't get off a hefty placement for even yet again more dilution.

    Stay away from the Casinos, those are ghost towns at best and when MGM HAS TO DECLARE BK WITH CARL ICHAHN ON THEM LIKE A SHARK ON FLESH.

    EXPECT A HUGE DOWN DAY AND CNBC OF COURSE CHANGING THE TEMPO AND GETTING REALLY NEGATIVE AGAIN, I HAVE SOLD OUT AND HAVE 50% CASH ON THE SIDELINES. just do not want to miss the move to 40-45 which is the next leg up for sunpower and its new base SPWRA. LDK -15 18, if it blows thru 21

    When Ge misses or gives horrible forward guidance, remember old timers when that bid vanished? I do homegamers and it will again. Buy puts for insurance if you are really in love with this dog that came back to fast on not enough volume, needs to fill the gap at best scenario.

    Naked shorts will be all over this until some crooked senator says surprise uptick goes into effect in 2 days middle of the day. UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN AND THE WAY THINGS RUN, AFTER BUSH, THE SATANIC I FOLLOW GOD, HE MUST HAVE LAUGHED ABOUT THAT WITH HIS RICH BUDDIES, SOME SCOTCH, SOME BLOW AND SOME HOOKERS.

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