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  • htimsloc htimsloc Jul 2, 2009 1:07 PM Flag

    What's a trillion dollars?

    A trillion dollars = $1,000,000,000,000.

    That's 12 zeroes to the left of the decimal point. A trillion is a million million dollars.

    Now the stimulas is 11 Trillion.

    Now to create "Spending" you could give $10,000.00 to 110 million families.

    So some would save it. Where?

    In Banks. Then they would have to lend it. To make money.

    Pay or reduce their morgage. Housing improvement.

    Spend it. Economy moves.

    No. Let the stilmus be given to the Congressional Representatives to divy up and now we have 9.0% plus unemployment.

    Stupid bush gave us 1,400.00 per family as a tax break and the economy took off.

    It took your liberal representatives to say their was not a problem with Fannie and Freddy making loans to unqualifed people to cause our current problem.

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    • Adding Up the Government’s Total Bailout Tab.

      Beyond the $700 billion bailout known as TARP, which has been used to prop up banks and car companies, the government has created an array of other programs to provide support to the struggling financial system.

      Through April 30, the government has made commitments of about $12.2 trillion and spent $2.5 trillion — but also has collected more than $10 billion in dividends and fees.

      Here is an overview, organized by the role the government has assumed in each case.

    • Sorry, you are really off base.

      The economy didn't take off because of the tax breaks, it took off because of the reckless short term gains made by those people pushing the shitty mortgage created huge profits that were not sustainable. It's like living the high life on a platinum visa card until you reach a point that you are out of credit... you look like you are doing well till it all crashes down.

      If those Bush tax cuts were so great... why is the economy so fucked up? Those tax breaks are still in place. They have been through this entire problem that started well before Bush left. That's right... cause they didn't work.

      And the stimulus isn't $11 Trillion, it's not even $1 Trillion. So it wouldn't be $10,000 per family, it would be about $700 per family. So your answer is to give $700 per family? Wow, we did that already dipshit. Bush gave a $600 tax rebate stimulus check that didn't do shit.

    • The US GDP is under $15 Trillion.

      You are an idiot listening to Repu6tard hate Radio.

      Get your facts straight.

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