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  • contempt_4_conservative_idiots contempt_4_conservative_idiots Nov 30, 2009 4:08 PM Flag

    89% of independents blame neocons for the depression


    1) Food stamp program goes from $17B to $43B
    2) Unemployment goes from 3.6% to 9.6%
    3) No new jobs in 8 years
    4) Trade deficit goes from $300B to $800B
    5) Budget goes from $250B surplus to $1.8T deficit
    6) Complete contempt for regulation leads to total collapse of capitalism, forcing socialism to save it… again.
    7) World trade center and Pentagon attacked after Aug 24 briefing stating bin-laden determined to attack within U.S.
    8) bin laden still alive and free
    9) Iraq war lasting 6 years 30,000 wounded, 4,000 dead, civil war allowed to break-out needlessly, prolonging war and wasting treasure.
    10) Afghanistan in chaos… still.
    11) Pakistan not cooperating with U.S. to hunt al-qaeda, coddling the Taliban with TLC.
    12) all of our traditional allies alienated and disgusted
    13) Iran and North Korea in full pursuit of nukes, belligerent and obstinate as ever
    14) Russia back into cold-war mode
    15) Dubya reduced to begging Saudi’s for more oil after years of using strategy of tax giveaways to oil companies as our only energy policy.
    16) Oil prices go from $22 to $147 per barrel
    17) Hybrids and alternative energy, light rail, conservation, neglected if not willfully suppressed.
    18) Dollar weak.
    19) Trading partners gaming the system so that they only sell to us and don’t buy from us.
    20) Outsourcers rotating Indians on temporary visas to avoid hiring Americans.
    21) Corporations hiring illegals largely with impunity.
    22) American students bypassing engineering because corporations are allowed to source exclusively from overseas using high H1b visa quota that is higher than job growth. Gates goes to congress demanding unlimited H1b visas and fully expects to get it.
    23) Mexican trucks on the road for the purpose of suppressing U.S. citizen employment.
    24) Manufacturing jobs go from 16 million to 10 million.
    25) Stagnant wages.
    26) Corporate profits drop.
    27) SP500 drops from 1400 to 666
    28) Poverty rate increases from 11.3% to 13.5%
    29) Kids graduate to their old bedrooms with their parents instead of getting jobs and making it on their own.
    30) Corporate compensation based on stealing from shareholders instead of shareholder value.
    31) No bid contracts for Haliburton to the tune of billions.
    32) Healthcare inflation runs double-digits every year, virtually ensuring that the country goes bankrupt at every level from individuals, to corporations, to governments.
    33) Corporations cancel out pensions, healthcare, and 401K matches, and never increase wages, and look for any excuse or method not to employ Americans.
    34) Entitlement programs unfunded liability reaches $47 Trillion.
    35) Arabian-horse association cast-off put in charge of FEMA just in time for Katrina, Bush clueless from beginning to end of crisis, takes a vacation, result is one of the most egregious displays of incompetence on record.
    36) Israelis block peace process by increasing settlements, and with walls, all of which are miles within Palestine. Bush clueless as to how to make them stop. Zero progress in 8 years.
    37) One CIA agent outed for purpose of partisan political spite
    38) One old-man shot in face

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