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  • buckort buckort Jun 20, 2010 11:51 AM Flag

    Why are Democrats denying unemployment extension??

    Republicans are on board for extending the benefits and funding the extension with unused stimulus money. Since the stimulus has failed to create or save jobs (verified through Labor and Statistics - loss of 8 million plus jobs since 2008), it seems it would be a better use to help those who lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Obama, not Republicans, is not working together. Republicans are not crazy about extending the unemployment endlessly but are willing to work with the administration to help the unemployed and are sticking to defending the American public from run away debt by funding the extension with funds and not adding to the deficit. Obama continues to want to spend endlessly and keeping the stimulus, pay off the unions and mob with the funds, and running this country further in debt by borrowing the money. He, not Republicans, is the sole fault of why Americans without jobs are suffering the result of their benefits running out. My heart goes out to the unemployed who continue to be haunted by this administrations wrong-doings!

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    • Don't you love their response to this last week?

      What a bunch of idiots.

      At least they must be happy today.


    • Part of the responsibility will be shifted on that part. Your right. My point is that we can cut a lot of the middle man out and save our budget by getting rid of Dept of Education and privatizing the school system holding teachers more accountable because BS bureau bums will be out of the way. Same with all unions. Hold the person accountable and the system. Why pay someone an over bloated salary along with funding a fail governmental department when results don't justify it. On a simple comparative analysis, private always has outperformed public and since private funds most of the public programs we could get some balance back into the system (ie. more private jobs funding less public systems....that don't work).

    • It depends what a person goes in to.

      Back in the day, I was thinking about going into teaching. So, I volunteered at an elementary school. The actual teaching part of it was a lot of fun. The fact that a kid had to be sent home repeatedly for lice-not so much. The parent would send their kid to school with lice; school would send him home; parent would send kid back to school with lice; school would send home. And, I didn't go to a "bad" school district. I can't imagine the challenges being faced by teachers in larger districts.

      IMO, a lot of parents don't want to be parents and want the school to take the place. If a voucher system is instituted, that isn't going to change; the problem just gets shifted.

    • Might be a good idea, since they don't have the money to pay it.

    • Senator Snowe stated she would back an emergency funding of unemployment extensions outside the bill. The democrats are using the unemployed as a means to getting more taxes passed on small business. Democrats are clearly, after watching Snowe speak, not speaking for the American public and are the sole responsibility why the unemployment extension wasn't passed to help the American public.

    • My sister is a teacher and makes 55000/yr with summers off. Her husband is a school principal and makes 110000/yr with his summers off. Now, you really think 4 year degrees pay that much outside the public sector (in addition to tenure/pension/great benefits???). All this with a failing system failing our children of the future. Hold them accountable, get rid of the government intervention (because it always makes things worse) and pay them based on their performance.

    • Still down in alabammie in those trailers huh california teachers make 70+k a year...

    • 180 days while everyone else works at least 240 days. Not to mention a work day that ends at 3PM and has the luxury of teachers aides, in many cases. Tenure and automatic raises just for taking classes, paid by the taxed folks. That salary sounds entry level as well. Not an easy job, playing nursemaid and psychologist to today's misfits and their parents but all and all, not a bad gig.

    • Why would anybody want to be a teacher for less pay? My daughter is a teacher and makes 32K a year.

      Good luck with finding teachers.


    • Republickins and teabaggers will cry and whine no matter what they do.

      This is the proof. The whiners are a joke.

      They were against it now they are for it. No pleasing them.


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