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  • drstone3 Sep 22, 2010 1:12 PM Flag

    60% of Americans never wanted ObamaCare!


    Voters will take there revenge come Nov. Elections. Could be why democrats have not brought up Obamacare in any of their Campanign Ads to date. Repeal this mistake after Nov. elections.

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    • Sure you did. Are you also selling the Golden Gate bridge?

    • Biden Quip Unifies Dems, GOP — to Run From Him
      Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010 03:45 PM
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      Vice President Joe Biden has accomplished what everybody believed was virtually impossible in this day and age: He has united the Democrats and the Republicans so they’re running in the same direction — away from his comment that the other option to his party’s controlling Congress is what he called the “Republican Tea Party." "I can't imagine any elected official making fun of people becoming highly involved in the electoral process," Tennessee Republican Bob Corker replied when the Huffington Post asked him to comment on Biden's remarks. "I just don't see how that's healthy. And yes, I think people who might criticize people getting highly engaged in the electoral process — I think that's problematic and I just don't understand why one would perceive criticizing that to be a good thing."

      Biden, Democrats, Republican, tea partyBiden’s comment came during an Ohio fundraiser where he tied the GOP and the tea party, saying Democrats face conservative activists. "Don't compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative," Biden said according the pool report. "The Republican Tea Party is the alternative."

      Democrat Ben Nelson of Nebraska extended this olive branch: "I think there are some fine people who are concerned about the size of the government, concerned about tax structure, concerned about the future. And what we ought to do is have a dialogue."

    • It doesn't explain all of it but at least hits some.

    • Do you have a non-partisan citation supporting your claim?

      If you had read the article, you would have noticed that even though tens of thousands qualified for the program in Iowa less than 100 actually applied. Presumably, because they did not know about it.


      This is the government website regarding healthcare reform.

      Could look it up in opencongress for actual bill text.

      Congress had over a year to look through this. In all likelihood, most had their aides, who likely have experience in health care issues, read the bill and provide congressmen with summaries.

    • I just wish Obama had followed his campaign promise and put it online so everyone could have time to read it! For that matter I just wish he had given the Congressmen and Senators time to read it! Full disclosure on it is something I am all for!!! With the revamped numbers showing its ACTUAL cost!!

    • Yeah and the 40% who do, are the parasites who want others to pay for their insurance.

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      • First of all I get Gov. insurance called medicare and I pay for Medigap Ins. I am also eligible to go to the VA clinic if I chose. A lot of the people that said they don't want Gov. mandated insurance were already on Medicare. So that muddies the numbers. There is no Gov. option, so no Gov. insurance for many that are uninsured. The insurance for those opting in will come from Insurance companies. Many college students will now be eligible to be covered under their parents insurance. I know a number of people that the insurance companies would not insure because of pre-existing conditions. That will now change. Once the entire package is implemented, many more will be insured and not go to the expensive emergency care. By the way, I use the VA very little to keep Government costs down.

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