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  • Ladybug_2000 Ladybug_2000 Sep 24, 2010 12:41 PM Flag

    The government should tax all dividends 60%


    The government needs to get back some money from Wall Street after spending so much money to keep it from crashing all the time.

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    • Why would you tax dividends at 60%? You will be taking money from MAINSTREET if you did that! Not Wallstreet! You would be giving it to our money drunk government out of the pockets of investing Americans! It is time to make sure our Government "feels the pain" of their decisions and reckless spending!!!

    • The government is getting it they buy first, why do you think markets do the unusual all the time. They want to make money. If long term investors hold on then they do not that is why the long term was killed. Remember you are gambling with your money no matter which way you go bonds or stocks or gold. It's phoney. You can either run with them or pray that they let it free because we are a nation of liberty and free of bondage. But government keeps interfering in the markets. This two months markets should have gone down about 1000 points instead we are up 1000+ points.

    • I know it is hard for a extremist hatemongerer like your self to understan, but not everyone who invests is a wall street type. There are many elderly people who depend on dividends as party of their income in retirement. Scum like you should go back to robbing people in the alleys of cities. Since stealing is all you know how to do.

    • The tax code is a tool that needs to be used for encouraging desired activities while discouraging undesirable. Let us say (as a country) we want the wealthy in this country to invest in new technologies. Then, you adjust the tax code as such. Maybe, an across the board tax hike with a nice big tax cut if you invest in your own company or a new company that will move us forward. This encourages the most innovative companies to grow because they are likely in a better position to add staff as opposed to the weaker ones that can't take advantage of this.

      We need to wealthy in this country to invest in appropriate areas. Not taking bets on whether or not a person can pay their mortgage.

    • Why not just take all the profits. These greedy ppl should not be allowed to make money

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