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  • williamjelliffe williamjelliffe Jan 30, 2011 11:47 AM Flag

    Ge is a buy

    GE is focusing on what it does best, making things. It is getting out of the entertainment bus. by selling it's share in NBC and is on it's way to making $2 a share by next year. So scoop it up now it is trading at a forward pe of 10.

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    • 20.28 short term high.

    • What DRIBBLE BULL$HIT. First of all MORON GE is doing what they do best LOSING MONEY.

      GE MISSED EARNINGS for 2010 but the CON MEDIA didn't tell a MORON like you and you are too dumb to look it up. Look it up ROOKIE TURD POLISHING MORON GE MISSED REVS for the 2010 YEAR.

      GE also MISSED in its core business ENEGRY where GE has bet the farm... FACT: GE MISSED in ENERGY in Q4.

      more FACTS:


      For the PAST FIVE YEARS GE has a NEGATIVE GROWTH of -14.97%

      For as far out as they forcast for GE has NEGATIVE SALES GROWTH forecast.

      GE has a book value of 10 BUCKS and CHUMP CHANGE!

      On top of that GE has over $400 BILLION in DEBT.

      Any of you MBAs out there know what happens when you have NEGATIVE GROWTH and REVS and over $400 BILLION in DEBT?

      You go BELLY UP. Especially when your company is running out of ASSETS to sell and is a political arm of the DEM/LIBERAL PARTY who will soon be handed their a$$ in the 2012 elections. This corporation doesn't have much longer to go. It's only handouts from OBAMA, BUFFET and MORON shareholders that have kept them from going belly up already. The day will come... NEGATIVE REVS and HUGE DEBT sinks all with time.

      SELL and SHORT GE.

    • Actually, it's a screaming buy, and as long as it can continue to hold 20 as a closing price, the basebuilding and consolidation should move this to 23-24 very quickly.

      It's great to see that there are still a few sane investors/traders on this board rather than the idiots who have polluted it with their political nonsense....

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