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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Jun 6, 2012 9:33 AM Flag

    "Big Money" defeats Democracy in Wisconsin.


    Watch it do the same thing in November.

    Rich Mr. Walker outspent Barrett 8 to 1.

    Thanks to the wisdom of the Supreme Court... American Democracy is FOR SALE!

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    • Sorry, but the willingness and ability of public service employees to do their jobs is not at issue here, it's their pay and benefits. After all, it's not like we're up against child labor here. Rest assured, if my $60,000.000 a year firefighter doesn't want to go to work anymore, there's about 10 million people who would kill to take his place, and with lower pay and benefits at that. How we got to this place, where so many are desperate to work for less and less, while the "rich" get more and more, is not the fault of the dems, but here we are.

    • ROLMAO, you are a moron of the first level. Your union thugs were poured into the state, with union money, Soros money, etc. There was alot of Republican money, but union thugs have to be counted as well for the Democrats. Illinois Democrat thugs also poured into wisconsin.

      I will say, both Republican and Democrat gave gracious speeches after the decision was made. I think you democrats, presented such a horrible image when you were acting like a violent mob, that you lost the recall, before it ever started.

    • kind of reminds me of the national political front where both the dems and repubs are vetted and picked by the bildebergers and no one gets either nomination unless they are satisfied that the eventual winner will act to protect the intl one world order financial community.

      democracy is on sale for the past 40 years and both parties are at fault but put us against each other to direct attention away from the real criminals.

      those are the ones who will destroy america so that the global economy can have universal control and universal financial equivalence.

      that is what destroyed the jobs for the past 4 decades.

    • I have a volunteer fire dept.

      Tell me again why we still need the post office?

      If my house blows up? I'll take Exxon to court.

    • Let's talk big money. Unions have given over $400,000,000 recently to elect and re-elect the union flunkie dumocrats to office. This is what I call 'big money'.
      Let's look at union people vs non-union people. Union people make much more than non union people. They drive prices and taxes higher. Now who do you think pays for the high union salary and benefits? Non union people pay for their higher standard of living at their own expense by paying higher prices and taxes.
      Unions need to realize they can not continue their much higher wages and benefits at the expense of their poorer non union people.
      This is what brought about the re-call win of the WI governor.
      Tax payers finally realize they are paying doo-less gov't employees 40+% more than they make.

    • I never understood the benefit to the taxpayer to have public employees on both sides of the negotiating table acting on our behalf.

    • I'm afraid so.

    • Yes unlike private companies that you have a choice to purchase there goods. Public employees are a expense to all classes. The are the leaches of our society.

    • We agree on something???

    • My bad, thought he was talking about unions in general. I confess I don't much care for the idea of public employee unions (used to be that a civil service job wasn't so lucrative and hotly sought-after; see those HUD executives and their million dollar gigs? Crazy), but I blame the weak suckup politicians, not the unions and their membership. They're just like everyone else, trying to get everything they can for themselves. It's the politicians that allowed it to happen. Want to see a real public union mess, just wait until the schitt hits the fan here in Illinois. We're the worst.

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