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  • northvisitor34 northvisitor34 Sep 25, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    I can't Possibly Believe that AMERICANS are this Stupid...

    The real problem are the Republicans in the House of Representatives. They only want to cut spending on the middle and lower income class and lower taxes on the rich. That leads to greater budget deficits. Obama's plan to go back to the top two Clinton tax rates and keep the other rates at the Bush level for married people making under $250,000 and singles under $200,000 still gives those making over $25000 some of the Bush tax cuts. Let me remind all reading this, the top 1% has not experienced the recession. In fact, their net worth has increased while the other 99% net wealth has decreased.

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    • No the problem are the Democrats who are using taxpayer money to purchase the votes of the lazy, parasites of society. Government is way to big and spending way too much money. Americans are not earning too little. Americans are being way over taxed to pay for a massively corrupt government. Democrat use the constiution for toilet paper and the rule of law has been replaced by the rule of whim. Democrats spit on the memory of the founding fathers and have turned this nation into another Europeans sewer. If the modern Democrats were alive at the time of the revolution, they would have been fighiting with the British, against the founding fathers.

    • Actually, the real problems come from Commiecrats/Progs, aka Democrats, and their trillion$$$$ spending schemes.

      More attacks on the "middle class" are coming. From the NY Times: "...until the rich pay more, there will never be a national consensus for tax increases on middle-income Americans, which will eventually be needed to further curb long-term deficits." Well geniuses, if your Commiecrat/Prog, aka Democrat, pals in that commune on the Potomac would stop spending trillions of dollars beyond our means there would not be any "long-term deficits"!!!

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