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  • reliable_sources reliable_sources Oct 21, 2012 1:16 PM Flag

    CNN: Obama Scares 9,489 Democrat Women to Death - 911 Libya Calls 4 Help, He Said No Way.

    A Very Bad Liar President Obama must go. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE Romney/ Ryan November 6.

    Our UN ambassador Susan Rice repeatedly attributed the attack to a spontaneous protest erupting in response to the “heinous” film. Obama mentioned the movie six times in his own speech to the UN. He did this despite credible proof there had not been any protest. Libyan officials had already confirmed it as terrorism. Our enemies conducted a coordinated assault against a lightly guarded consulate on September 11th.

    Obama “led from behind” in toppling Muammar Qaddafi’s dictatorship in Libya, then boastfully declared victory. But the ferocious attack which left four Americans dead exposed the president’s flaccid diplomacy. His legacy in North Africa smolders. Libya appears on the verge of becoming another Somalia, a failed state ruled by roaming warlords. Egypt could well be controlled by Islamic fascists.

    However, the administration’s blatant lies may be even more troubling. A consistent failing of Team Obama has been its disingenuous spin; a government by altruistic sound bites masking their personal ambitions. This entire presidency reflects a choreographed charade calculating every
    action per its electoral ramifications.

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