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  • cnn_star_pointer cnn_star_pointer Oct 21, 2012 1:59 PM Flag

    CNN: Obama Scares 9,489 Democrat Women to Death - 911 Libya Calls 4 Help, He Said No Way.

    CNN, John King said this "Even this decided home field advantage won’t save Obama’s presidency." Whispers at CNN: The call is a 330 electoral votes for Romney's and popular vote win by 7 points.

    The hyper-partisan press could not sanction this lie for long. After the event, Ms. Crowley quickly backtracked, admitting that Romney was “right in the main.” This is like in an umpire deliberately getting in a runner’s way, calling him out during a decisive World Series moment, then admitting the call was blown at a postgame press conference.

    Benghazi, the White House cover-up and an enabling media offer a microcosm for the whole Obama presidency. His economic policies have been wasteful and counterproductive; doing more to buttress cronyism than bring recovery. His social policies radically depart from traditional American values. Obama’s foreign policy is in shambles. Allies no longer trust us. Enemies no longer fear us.

    The president’s outreach to the Muslim world has predictably backfired. No amount of spin can fix what his meddling has broken. Qaddafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt were not nice guys. But, and this is crucial, Mubarak was our guy. By letting them topple the alternative wasn’t Mother Theresa. We now have chaos across the Middle East and North Africa.

    Fortunately for Obama, liberals control the dissemination of thought. The media, entertainment industries, educational system and much of government skew very far left of Middle America. If the press were honest, or at least kept Democrats honest, Obama would probably still carry Washington D.C., but few if any states.

    But even this decided home field advantage won’t save Obama’s presidency.

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