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  • ohio_romney_ryan ohio_romney_ryan Oct 27, 2012 3:46 PM Flag

    Romney Veteran Vote Surge , Obama's Sequestration and Military Job Losses, Estimate 4.5 Million

    Romney/ Ryan Early Voting Now - Hello in Ohio Pennsylvania Wisconsin Virginia Florida Michigan Iowa California? Nevada Colorado Connecticut? New York? New Jersey? Massachusetts?

    Help send the message that we want a President with Truth Honer Respect and Results

    Can you hear me now? A Landslide call, not just a win - LANDSLIDE

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    • Honer? Romney cheats on his taxes by hiding money in Switzerland and the Caymans ... there is no honor in that. Results? Romney He took huge amounts of federal money to "turn around" the Olympics. Whoa... bail out = results? Respect? He mocks the poor - the 47% - he respects only those that have money and deserves none in return.

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