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  • piggietime piggietime Nov 29, 2012 8:06 AM Flag

    Libs support men that find another mans butt hole sexually attractive

    Yes, it's true, but the butt hole is made for the excrement of the body's. waste products. This is the new America. Your vote for lack of morals and perversion has been registered. Now we need to buy Sandra Fluck her birth control pills so she can pound guys like a rabbit nitely while I hope to get laid once a year. Yes, the welcome mat is out; Cum to America as long as you sneak in, and don't worry, you'll get free food, housing and medical....oh, and don't worry about taxes, the hardworking gal next door will pay for it. Oh, and don't worry, the president supports you 100% because he is hell bent on destroying America from the inside so his muslin brothers can invade us and take over. His re-election is proof positive we need more education in this country

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    • Yes, so true, and the rich will never pay higher taxes because they can afford the lawyers to find tax shelters. Just a talking point to get Joe average someone to hate while the prez picks their pockets. Right out of their play book "Rules for Radicals"

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