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  • luciferring666 luciferring666 Jan 2, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

    Here's why I don't donate to charity , especially Hurricane victims or disaster victims.


    Whatever amount you end up donating , it is considered extra money democrats can raise for political purposes or public unions. It's all the same. They can afford to raise salaries when charities are healthy. Don't do it. I can tell you for a fact or as a fact , giving to charities does absolutely nothing in comparison to giving spiritually and making disciples. Matthew 28:19 is the only way to give meaningful charity voluntarily. What is more important , to lose your life or to lose your soul? It's the only reason God has allowed godless men to continue living and that is to save their soul. Matthew 24:14 This good news of the kingdom will be preached in All the inhabited earth and Then the end will come. " It is not , charity will be boundifull and then the end will come".

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    • Here's why the poster is a degenerate Satan worshiper:
      Why did Adam Lanza attack the school where union thugs work?
      by luciferring666 .

      Dec 28, 2012 5:20 PM

      Unions ara a manace to society. They are not nice people but humiliate fellow human beings. Adam Lanza was simply lashing out at thugs . By killing their children in school he was teaching them a lesson on not being mean and thuggish to people that are antisocial.

    • The Bible mandates that you tithe at least 10% to the church or charity. What is in the Bible is 2,000 years old and at that time the have were expected and did take care of those in need.
      How times have changed, gov't has taken over the role of church and charities. Most citizens pay way in excess of the 10% demanded from yesteryear. Gov't takes care of the young, the old, the sickk, the lame et al.
      I still believe in making token donations to the church, this is just to keep the church going and pay the preacher. Usually, the preacher receives about double the congregations average income. For help their is very little help that any church puts out,. Usually the church counselor will refer the needy to Salvation Army and/or welfare which is good.
      These charities that advertise on TV, do you have any idea of how much or little makes it to where it is supposed to go? Some as little as 1%.
      I Stopped donating to the Red Cross when Elizebeth Dole was CEO at a $500,000 + expenses salary. Working for a charity and with this kind of pay?

    • I use to give an average of 15% to charities, without deducting it on my taxes. It is none of the government's business to know where my charity dollars go. It is something called privacy. However, with the Democrats stealing more and more money, at the point of the gun, for their give away programs, I see no reason to give (except to one). The government has taken over charity with their Welfare society, at the point of government guns, Democrats believe in gun control, except those of the government,

    • It is funny. I do not give money to religious groups because they use it to build castles instead of actually doing good in the world.

      Add to that the fact that I think religion is evil and it is no surprise that a person like you is religious.

    • You are aware that you are suffering from dissociative identity disorder aren't you?

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