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  • camprere camprere Jan 18, 2013 1:17 PM Flag

    We need knife control

    ignorant democrat leftists....where is your rabid knee jerk response to the mother who was stabbed repeatedly at a Bed Bath and Beyond. Why are you not calling for Knife Control? Where is Obama executive orders on Knife control? Why do you not care about Mothers being slaughtered by knives? You disgust me.

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    • What we really need is subway control, or make subways illegal. Why hasn't the Pharaoh Obama not said anything about this situation. Where is he? Is he on the golf course? Is he in Vegas looking for dollars for his big party?

    • I am sorry you are placing your disgust on an object when in fact HUMANs are the common denominator of all things evil. Humans are evil, always have been and always will be it seems. At least until the mellinnial reign.

    • What about fire-axe and baseball bat control? WHat about cleaver-control or other kitchen implements?

      Remind me again why I have to remove my shoes prior to going through airport security?

      What's next - anal probes??? The dudes from SF and Hollywood would like that...

    • We already have knife control that is why so few knifing in BB&B, switch blades, sword canes, throwing stars, long knifes and bayonets are all restricted arms to one degree or another that the NRA agree should be banned.

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      • Bed bath and beyond sells lots of knives! All their customers should have to submit to a federal backround check and 48hr waiting period. Also all multiple knife sets should be banned along with knives that look funny.,,,you know, the ones with large tangs by the handle. And get a load of this terrible statement from their website:
        "CUTLERY is an essential ingredient in any well-stocked kitchen. A proper set of knives is needed for most food preparation and good cutlery is essential for kitchen safety. A complete set of top-of-the-line knives are a worthwhile investment and a simple solution to give you that cutting edge in the kitchen."

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