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  • maxwizard68 maxwizard68 Jan 25, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

    floridadave needs to re-take Civics 101


    Imbecile, just go back and look at all the appointments made in the exact same way....just for one, you're "boy" John Bolton...........and also 3 Supreme Court appointees.. This will be overturned in a heartbeat by a conservative Supreme Court. AND YOU'RE A #$%$ IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • demedici Jan 27, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

      Like Dave said, the court reviewed this one. If you like the health care decision even though it changed "mandate " to "tax" without the white house even making that argument, then the law is the law.

      Besides the INTENT of recess appointments were to fill vacancies during a time of the horse and buggy when it was an emergency...not as a go around legimate.process. recess appointments are and emergency measure, not a political loop hole.

      If your demagogue wasn't pushing all the.limits, he wouldn't force all these.matters to be officially decided.

    • They weren't in recess when Obama made the appointments. Like it or not the house didn't use that tactic when past presidents made their appointments.

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