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  • boar292hog boar292hog Feb 13, 2013 12:16 AM Flag

    DORNER.....cops shoot 71 and 47 yr old women...

    ..and here in lay one of the inequities in our legal system. No warning, no command, no attempt at identifying the vehilce occupants. 71 year old NEWSPAPER delivery WOMAN shott TWICE in the back....her 47 year old Daughter received minor cuts.
    1) Thank goodness these IDIOTS are bad shots. 2) I am happy not to be a tax payer in LA because this lawsuit is going to be deep and juicy.
    Oh gee, chief Beck found an anonymous donor to give the ladies a new pickup truck! YIPEEEEEEE!

    The USE of deadly force is ROUTINELY violated by law enforcement nationwide. The defense is simple, gee, I felt threatened or, we thought is was the perp we were after. Then of course the grandiose code of silence within the machine.
    So next time you hear that a GROUP of officers unload their clips in a perp just remember the other code, "we all go down together or we all walk away clean". Thats why you see overkill when a peper is being taken down.

    So these two YAHOOOOOOOOOS are admin leave, PAID no less and I'm sure they will walk away from this incident unscathed.
    Again , thank goodness they are #$%$ poor shots.

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