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  • drstone3 Feb 23, 2013 11:16 AM Flag

    The next 4 years are all Liberals fault. They voted for the lying utter liberal failure.

    Obama 4 year record below that liberals voted for. The question are you ready for 4 more years of lies and the same?

    1. Record 4 years of US unemployment over 7.8% now headed back over 8% by Dec.
    2. Record Avg. American losing 30% to 40% of net worth on Obama’s watch.
    3. Record over 1 in 7 Americans on Obama Food Stamps.
    4. Record Home Foreclosures during Obama’s first 4 years as President.
    5. Record Deficit spending by Obamanation with Nation Debt over $16.5 Trillion.
    5. Record 1st ever US downgrade from AAA with second downgrade coming soon.
    6. Record 4 years of sky-high Gas Prices from $1.83 when Obama took office to $3.49 today.
    7. Record cover-up and 4 years of lies under Obama failed bias leadership.
    8. So how is that Obama Hope and Change working out for you Flaming Liberals losers?
    9. Blame Obama & liberals not Bush or GOP the liar liberal socialist Obama did it and owns it.
    10. Biggest oil spill in US History on Obama watch.
    11. Record sky high gas for past 4 years on Obama watch.
    Facts do not lie but liberals and Obama do daily. Now that is a fact.

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