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  • smkpit smkpit Mar 2, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    11 Billion cut to medicare doctors and hospitals providers is in the Sequester Cuts

    Many doctors will probably be dropping medicare patients. hospitals and drug providers being cut
    so this did not only apply to govt workers, See CNN news.

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    • That was going to happen anyway as Doctors feel the pain of Obamacare. Better get ready for alot of Doctors retiring. Obama care is, acording to CBO going to cost a couple of trillion dollars more over the decade, after goes fully into effect. That is why the scrumbag unions are whining for money from the government to cover them from the massive increases in cost that are coming.

    • Since they won't touch the sacred SS, Medicare, and Welfare programs, they must cut in to government services...........
      This whole fiasco is funny to watch. Beloated, fat, over-spending, non-essential government workers having to feel what the rest of us have felt the last 4 years........

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