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  • floridadave2001 floridadave2001 Mar 5, 2013 8:43 PM Flag

    Don't criticize the president or you could be disciplined or terminated


    The Army is warning all of it's employees not to bad mouth Barry which means that it is being done at a alarming level. Let's see, 1st amendment, freedom of the press out the window. The Army says freedom of speech is outdated too 2nd amendment the right to bear arms, going out the window. 4th amendment, the right to be safe from unwarranted searches, out the window. Articles 6, 7, & have been replaced by the law of the drone. Article 11 Judicial limits, just look at John Roberts decision to redefine a fee and tax in his Obamacare ruling. Article 14, no person shall be punished without due process, those drones again. Obama and Bush have done more to destroy our liberties than anyone could have all in the name of making us safe. "Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither" ...Ben Franklin. I will never vote for another candidate who doesn't promise to undo this entire mess.

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