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  • goparegreatfolks9 goparegreatfolks9 Mar 24, 2013 9:27 AM Flag

    Lazy Obama spends more time on March Madness picks of final four than doing a Budget.

    Obama you owe the American people a responsible, balanced budget. Our skyrocketing debt is damaging our economy and threatening our future. It's time to change course.
    Today, the GOP is introducing a plan to do just that. House Republicans are offering a common-sense plan to balance the budget in ten years. The Senate Democrats' budget, on the other hand, never balances - ever.
    Balancing the budget isn't just about making numbers on a spreadsheet line up. It's about the well-being of the country. A balanced budget will revive our economy and expand opportunity. Now do your job Mr. Obama.
    Already Democrats are falsely attacking our budget. We need your support to help us push back and put in place real solutions to our fiscal challenges. Now go do your job Mr. President.

    President Obama American families cannot spend more than Mom & Dad make in a year or they go bankrupt.
    Stop using that Maxine Waters fuzzy ghetto math and balance the US budget. We the people demand it and do not want to be the next Greece. Did you fail math at Harvard and High School?

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