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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Mar 26, 2013 10:27 PM Flag

    msnbc babe alex wagner wants 2nd ammendment repealed. ok. Lets also repeal the 19th.


    hey, if you dont want ANYONE TO BEAR ARMS, then I don't want women to be able to vote.
    beauty is only as deep as her make up. but can you imagine waking up, and there she is, screaming lies and distortions every morning, and spreading poison. Being on msnbc, she is probably non hetero anyway. and imagine what that face looks like without make up. yikes.
    ballmer said he regretted helping to form msnbc.
    i also regret that he helped form msnbc.
    and i regret that GE allowed it to flourish.
    and i regret that comcast seems to like it too.
    msnbc. they used to champion minorities, non heteros, illegals.
    now they seem to champion pagans, wierdos, and creeps.
    yeah, the country is being run by the far left lunatic fringe from the 70's, and the people at msnbc love it.

    This topic is deleted.
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