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  • northvisitor34 northvisitor34 Mar 30, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    Conservatives have little or no Physical Work experience

    There is an old saying, "If you haven't walked in their shoes, you are not qualified to criticize." That seems to be the case for Conservatives. Most have never done any menial work or physical work for that matter. They have always led a charmed life. They have no idea what the everyday hard working person experiences. That goes for the majority of the Republicans in congress. Many are like Ryan that never held a job that required physical labor or for that matter menial labor. Therefore, he is a perfect example of a person that has no idea what the average person is confronted with everyday.

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    • It's only Dems who have no respect for working people as they worship their celebs.

    • Physical work for Dems is being towel or oil boy at their bathhouse or in bending over to take it like a woman.

    • You sound like many in my family.
      They look at my life style and tell me I am "so lucky".........
      The problem is most don't know the process of becoming rather than work hard and sacraifcing, they complain and assume that if one has money, it was given to them or they were "lucky".
      My parents died early in my life..........I have been on my own since I was 14.........doing "menial work" motivated me to move up the ladder.........working my way through college and living in attics of people's homes, moving 7 times with my company, being gone 5 nights a week for goes on and on.
      Most want things given to they assume that if one has things, they were given to them.
      You probably have no idea what I am even talking go on with your life being jealous of others...
      assuming it was all given to them and you had no chance because someone was holding you down.

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      • Rembrandt: It sounds like you were a salesman.. nuf said. Like another poster said. what physical work did you do?

      • So tell us, johnny, what “physical work” have you done? Were you a custodian, struggling to raise a family on minimum wage when your union was destroyed? Were you a hospital aide? A ditch digger? Etc...

        Congrats at being a college graduate, but why the smug arrogance and implied contempt for folks who were not raised in an intact, loving home, nor were exposed to the middle class values that you were taught? What about the millions of Americans who indeed are hard working but get kicked to the curb by a system increasingly unfair to people with just their bodies to offer in attempting to make a living?

        Have you learned anything but loving money? Your continued obsession with the absurd idea of 401k confiscation indicates no. Think about how much money us 401k owners have confiscated by the tax expenditures special tax treatment has provided us. Do you live in a bubble where a person’s character is measured by how much loot they’ve acquired!

      • Good for you. I will concede that you have had a taste of sacrifice. I milked my first cow by hand when I was 8 years old. We had to get up at 4:30 every morning to milk, feed the cows of which there were 30 plus young stock, clean the barn both morning and night, have hay down to feed the cows at noon, eat breakfast and walk a quarter of a mile to board the school bus at 6:45. I served in the military and was away from home overseas for 19 months and then worked my way through college. I worked in a large factory when I went to work at 11 at night and the temp. was 110 degrees. I worked in a Feed Mill for 75 cents an hour, unloaded coal cars for $1.00 an hour, mowed hay in the barn near the roof when it was 95 degree outside, don't tell me what hard work is.

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