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  • fron70 fron70 Apr 18, 2013 5:46 PM Flag

    Not looking good for the teabaggers


    But then again they look too young to be teabaggers. We'll just let the paranoid freaks stew a little bit.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Jeez fron is a lying liberal, surprise surprise...

    • Hey Moron, TEA - Tax enough already" group...........has less hate in their hearts than you/progressive liberal against Traditional American values! Your mantra = hate all thioe who don't like our warped liberal progressive values because it's your way or no way! OK SAUL ALINSKY ! Yet....your the party of reason and equality...yeah right. The scream-fest party is more like it !
      The difference betwween a TEA - Tax enough already" group and progressive liberals .....TEA people don't #$%$ on cop cars or in the street or rape women in tents at rally's in NYC as progressive liberals protesters have done! TEA - Tax enough already" group just wave American flags and spout out the US Constitution errosions by our GOVT.........= PATRIOTS FOR THE FLAG!
      It was Democrats that had to take a floor vote at the DNC/ Democratic National to keep the word "GOD" in their speeches......your not a JFK Democrat....your a SAUL ALINSKY RADICAL PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL POS posing as a JFK Democrat......

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