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  • mr.kink42 mr.kink42 Apr 22, 2013 9:00 AM Flag

    socialist boy is irrelevant

    and government is running out of money and that desatroys socialism when they cannot access other people's money!!

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    • klink: I thought that you have a job. You are cheating your employer by spending your time making irrelevant posts.

    • drstone3 Apr 22, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

      Why snopes6 and Liberals Lie About What They Believe

      So, those of us on the Right spend our time trying to explain to the American people what we really want to do, while the Left spends its time trying to hide what it really wants to do from the American people.

      Because of this, when liberals don't feel that the political winds are blowing in their direction, not only will they generally avoid discussing the things they believe, they will typically deny that they believe them at all.

      Additionally, liberals go to bizarre lengths to tilt the political playing field in their favor. They move into the mainstream media so that they can tip what are supposed to be "objective" news stories in their favor. They get into positions of power in our educational system so that they can teach kids liberal propaganda before they're old enough to know better. They uniformly support judges who care nothing about the Constitution as long as it moves liberal ideological goals forward. Even the Left's support of illegal immigration is rooted in the desire to bring in millions of poor people from socialist countries who are more likely to vote Democratic. If they can't convince the American voters they're right, then they'll just bring in some new voters.

      More disturbing is the Left's ever-increasing reliance on what are commonly thought of as fascist tactics. Liberals at college campuses attempt to disrupt conservative speeches and the Democrats want to try to drive conservative talk radio hosts off the air with the Fairness Doctrine. Conservatives like Tom DeLay, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter have been targeted criminally for political reasons and there's even talk of trying to jail members of the Bush Administration over policy differences after they're out of office. Ideological soul mates of modern liberals -- like Stalin, Lenin, and Mao -- would certainly approve of those tactics.

      Still, even though this is a center-right country, we do have political cycles.

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