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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Jun 20, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Greedy Leader

    Think about it. Country in debt about 14 trillion dollars. Obama says he must stop WH tours because of lack of money . Cost a few dollars a day.
    Our Greedy Leader is going on a $100 million dollar fun trip to Africa to visit his long lost relatives. The country must borrow over 50 million dollars to pay for it.
    What is our country coming to? Could be,he wants to be out of the country until some of the scandals, IRS, DOJ, Benghazi, cool down.
    Voters both democrat and republican we better wake up. The leaders we choose are the pits.

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    • Here is what the rest of the world thinks about Darth Vader O.

      "Title of story" Barack Obama bombs in Berlin: a weak, underwhelming address from a floundering president

      Some tidbits.

      "But Barack Obama underscored again why he is no JFK or Ronald Reagan. In front of the Brandenburg Gate, Obama sounded more like the president of the European Commission than the leader of the free world"

      "In stark contrast to that of his presidential predecessors, Barack Obama’s message on Wednesday was pure mush,"

      "When John F. Kennedy delivered his “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate on June 26, 1963, 450,000 people flocked to hear him. Fifty years later a far more subdued invitation-only crowd of 4,500 showed up to hear Barack Obama speak at the same location in Berlin. As The National Journal noted, “he didn’t come away with much, winning just a smattering of applause from a crowd that was one-hundredth the size of JFK’s,"

    • 17T debt.

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