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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Jul 9, 2013 1:28 PM Flag

    Democracy vs Democratic

    Much of the problem with many of our leaders they do not understand the difference between 'democratic and democracy'. Democratic means the people have the right to vote. This alone is not good. Remember Adolph Hiltler, Mousilini and most of the leaders in the middle east have been duly elected. Electing bad leaders is not our goal.
    Our goal is to have a democracy. A gov't that protects the rights of minorities. Yes, and we do want our leaders elected. Democratic gov't as has just been demonstrated in Egypt, Morsi was duly elected but his gov't denied the rights of all minorities: women, and all non muslim religions.
    Our idiot leaders need to have some intense refresher courses to get them to understand the difference of democracy and democratic.

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    • Democracy, in the "classical" sense, means the citizens get to vote on everything. Ancient Athens was the primary example of that idea. Democratic is a process where the people have some say in how their government functions. Our founding fathers were men who knew their history and knew the reality of government power and the failings of human nature. They rejected the Athenian model of government knowing the people had made many foolish decisions that destroyed Athens. So, they chose the Roman Republic as the model. While most ignorant Americans have only heard of the Senate and maybe the consuls, but the Roman Republic also had a representative body for the land owning average Roman, that had its own powers, It went by several names over the centuries. The founding fathers limited the role of the people in making decisions for the state, to selecting those who will do the voting on issues. They understood how easy it was to sway people with oratorical skills. The Republic was a much more stable form of representative government. However, they were aware that any form of representative government had several basic dangers that could cause its collapse. First, human greed, as Ben Franklin said, "When the people learn that they can vote themselves money, the Republic will be imperiled." The second threat is the growth in the size and power of government. They understood that it is the nature of government to grown. They also knew that to allow government to grow created a threat to the freedom of the people.

      So just remember, we are not a democracy. We are a federal representative Republic. (You should also ask the ignorant Americans, if the know the meaning of federalism. It is show that most Democrats don't.)

    • You are so right, but I would add that in order to vote, the puplic should have an understanding of what the politicians stand for and how it will affect the Country and ALL the people, not just their small niche….so may of the voters are totally clueless.
      With voting comes the responsibility of knowledge pertaining to the issues

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