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  • hansesteelyard hansesteelyard Jul 16, 2013 12:00 AM Flag

    The right to bear arms….


    It is unjust that a European cannot buy firearms in the USA.

    All the hooligans can buy weapons as easily but I would not be able to buy any.

    I had planned on making a trip to the USA to buy a vacation property, but I’m not going to now. The start of disorder is too great. I would not be able to have an arsenal, which I consider vital.

    In Germany a foreigner has no need of a gun. The police forces are powerful, and order is excellent.

    Americans need to clean up their society.

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    • Whenever I debate a gun-nut I always note that England had 35 murders last year ... when compared to our "wild-west" stats, that usually shuts them up ...

    • I am telling you that you are wrong and misled.. It depends on where you live. I live in Kansas USA and you can own and buy as many guns as you want. As long as you are not a felon. Where I live almost every household has guns. Crime rate very low here.I lived in Germany for over 2 years. The crime rate is not any better there. If a criminal want's to break in your home he can do it in 5 seconds. Police take from 15 to 30 minutes. My handgun is next to me always. 357 magnum hollow point bullets. By the way, when I was in Germany the police force bowed to us American MPs.

    • You make several good points and the US is way out of control. Right now in cities like Chicago 92 percent of the murders are black on black murders. So it isn't seen as a crime but as a big mess taking care of itself. There's plenty of beautiful places to visit in the US with no crime at all. Or lower crime rates than most other places around the world. Don't pass up a chance to visit one of the most beautiful places on the planet. If you're a German try and visit Utah.

      It's an amazing State with great people. There's places out west where you can drive faster than in your country. I hope you'll reconsider. I have a lot of German National friends who are living here now and love it. They would never go back to Germany but to visit family.

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