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  • time_on_target1 time_on_target1 Sep 1, 2013 12:56 PM Flag

    Right-wing victims unable to decide if chemical weapons are a valid reason for war!

    In 2003, right-wing victims were slobbering with war fever over Iraq's chemical weapons which did not actually exist.

    In 2013, right-wing victims are slobbering with rage that the US might go to war over Syria's chemical weapons, which not only exist but are currently in use.

    This victimizes right-wingers by causing them to look like brainwashed, hypocritical drones! Thank God we have FOX News that can explain it to them in ways that they can understand. And, of course, we here at the Foundation for Right-Wing Victims stand ready to counsel the confused and victimized right-wingers.

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    • Totally different situation. In 2003 America was still furious about 9-11, wanting to strike out - our herd instinct. Most Americans knew intuitively that Iraq/terrorism was about maintaining of our way of life, including protecting Middle East oil. Daddy Bush had spectcularly driven Iraq out of Kuwait (protecting oil) using high-tech weapons suffering almost no casualties. Support for the Iraq War wasn't just the Right Wing, not by a long shot. 2/3rd supported the war when it started.

      The WMD 'now and then' argument is a smokescreen. In Syria there is no national interest. We have calmed our anger since 9-11. Oil isn't involved. We are wimpier as a people. We know from Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan that high-tech weaponry has marginal value. In Syria both sides may be bad guys.

      Most conservatives thinkers are practical.

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