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  • bad_stocks_deserve_to_die bad_stocks_deserve_to_die Nov 7, 2013 7:37 PM Flag

    OBAMA'S "LIE" WAS 95% TRUE.........

    In reality, 95% of Americans that have insurance from employers or the government are not impacted by Obamacare. Only the 5% who had individual insurance plans.

    And unfortunately, many of these plans were substandard. That's why they are being canceled. And remember, Obama did not cancel these policies, their insurance companies did.

    I believe Obama is sorry but he was in the end about 95% accurate.

    I also believed Bush and Cheney when they said they really thought that Iraq had WMD.

    I consistently will give my Presidents the benefit of the doubt.

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    • That is like saying that Obama will murder on five percent of the American people, and 95% of the American people will not be impacted. He lied. He knew he lied. You Democrats lied. You Democrats knew you lied. The key point is he lied, bare facedly to the American people. I realize that lying come naturally to a Democrat so they don't think anything about it. It is still a lie to dupe people into voting for him the second time and in support a government take over of our medical system.

    • That's bull. Why do you think he postponed the employer mandate? How many of the company plans didn't change since the law was passed?

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