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  • longpickuptruck longpickuptruck Dec 22, 2013 6:20 PM Flag

    Gov't rules, regulation and laws have . . . .

    just about turned us all into slaves according to Webster's definition of 'slave'. A slave is defined as one that has just about all of his individual rights and freedoms taken away. The latest law to remove a freedom is a NJ city law that says you can't wash your own car in your private driveway.
    People we are in big trouble. Did you know that the gov't in just the past 6 months has passed over 50,000 new rules, regulations and laws.
    This tells you, you are just about a total slave to the gov't. Think about it .... MO...... .

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    • The cop is just wrong. It's not a law pertaining to someone's driveway. You got to rant though, and that was fun to listen too.

      Garden City:
      Cleaning or washing of rugs, furniture or vehicles.
      No person shall wash or cause to be washed, clean or cause to be cleaned, beat or cause to be beaten any rugs, curtains, furniture, tapestry, clothing or other like articles upon any sidewalk, public street, highway or public place within the village, and no person shall wash or cause to be washed any motor vehicle or like conveyance upon any public street, highway or public place.

      PUBLIC PLACE (As defined in the Village code)
      Any public street, road or highway, alley, lane, sidewalk, crosswalk or other public way, or any public resort, place of amusement, park, playground, public building or grounds appurtenant thereto, school building or school grounds, public parking lot or any vacant lot.

      According to the code the driveway is not a public place.

    • You are talking about rules in the communities CC&R. The home owners willingly gave up the right to wash a car in public no government agency forced them to do it.

    • Did you plan on washing your car in someone's driveway in Garden City NY? LOL.

    • It was Garden City NY. An Affluent community where one does not wash cars or hang laundry, play loud music etc etc.

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