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  • idccnokia2006 idccnokia2006 Feb 17, 2014 7:33 PM Flag

    VW kept their Pennsylvania plant open for only 10 years. Now Tennessee at least has a chance

    to stay open for a long time.
    after the PA plant went union, their skilled workers went from $7 to 12 an hour. I bet most of them would have kept the 7, had the plant stayed open 10 more years.
    union workers, too pround to make less, but not too proud to picket and collect strike wages.but to be fair, the vw rabbit didnt go over well, and vw made many mistakes in redesigns, customer focus, and quality.
    they still have quality issues.
    but at least now they dont have to worry about sending the plant to mexico or china, and they dont have to worry about strikes, and workers dont have to pay part of their wages to the uaw.
    i dont like executive compensation, but i like unions less.
    and unions take away your freedom.and when i hear obama complaining about the tennesee vote, i know they did the right thing, cause all he thinks about is how his party lost a few more votes.

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    • Executive compensation is ridiculous but this is a problem that the stock holders have allowed. A CEO making up to 2,000 times what entry level pay is, is a crime against the stock holders. SHs need to get up in arms and rebel against the B of D's. They are the guilty ones that do this. Upper mgt deserves a very good salary and benefits, but stock holders deserve a healthy dividend. Give mgt good benefits but give the share holders their fair share. BO preaches FAIR but what the B of D's does is not FAIR.
      From where I sit, it appears to me for this to take place great collusion is at hand. Why do I think so? B of D's have great say so in who is upper mgt. OK, but upper has great say so in who is appointed to the B of D's. A great arrangement for collusion. Common stock holders need to wake up. MO.

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