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  • bachuss_100 Feb 23, 2014 10:34 PM Flag

    The 2016 Obama's Legacy: "No Child Left a Dime"


    The 2016 Obama's Legacy: "No Child Left a Dime"

    Yes Obama ran the US National Debt to $17.3 Trillion in 4 short years in Office up from $10 trillion when I took office.
    Yes Obama crazy deficit spending trashed the AAA rating Bush left him in just 2 short years.
    Yes Obama will bankrupt the USA before he finishes his last term.
    Yes Obama has had longest and highest US Unemployment numbers of any President in past 50 years. 21 million folks out of work still and 91 million still looking for full time work.
    Yes Obama has more people on Food Stamps & Welfare than any President in US History.
    Yes his Obamacare rollout was and Utter Failure.
    Yes Obama lies more than any President ever to sit in the White House.
    Remember Obama said Yes we Can well yes we can Impeach him too.

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