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  • bigpenthouse_naples_florida bigpenthouse_naples_florida Mar 16, 2014 1:47 PM Flag


    No American approves of Detroit. For fifty years Lunatic Leftists on NBC/CBS/CNN failed to report to doofus American viewers that Detroit had implemented far left - socialist policies and was run exclusively by democriminal politicians and Blacks who had received the benefit of affirmative action.

    Of course, Detroit became a place where women were raped each week and then burned alive to cover up the evidence. Everyone had their car or van stolen. Home Break-ins occured in the vast majority of homes. The city went bankrupt - everyone lost their job. Hooded Thug Blacks run wild and according to economists have it worse than in many third world nations in Africa. Detroits Blacks are on par with the down and out Blacks of the CONGO.

    Yet, there is still ONE NETWORK that actually pushes the polcies of Detroits many Mayors - and has learned nothing from Detroit's failure. MS.nbc - wants all Americans to support Magic Knee Grow and his National Socialist agenda - that Detroit failed with.

    Detroit is the first big time city to go BANKRUPT. It spent more for decades than it took in. ABSOLUTELY NO FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. As if Chimpanzees could spend money on anything they wanted - with no conception of what it takes to survive as a respectable city in an advanced society.

    Now MS.nbc wants all of America to live like Detroit. The Middle Class is shrinking and Ms.nbc thinks
    there is nothing wrong. Ms.nbc says, "WE NEED MORE MAGIC KNEE GROW. NOT LESS." So does
    Bill Maher and Katrina Van Dumb Hoover.

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