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  • qaydan qaydan Apr 21, 2014 9:05 PM Flag

    Obama spits on the rule of law, again.

    Seems like we might as well abolish the entire judicial and legislative branches of government. Our dictator and chief is planning to grant thousands of pardons for people convicted of non violent drug use and sale. Why should any American obey any law, if the President of the United States has not respect for the Rule of Law what so ever?

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    • Finally I agree with one thing about Obama and that is our Penal System needs to be changed. When you think about it prison should be for "VIOLENT" people. It does not make sense to put a non violent person in prison and have to pay from $50k to $100k/year to keep him in jail. Most of these nonviolent people by the time they get released are 'violent'.
      There MUST BE BETTER ways to punish nonviolent people. Prison is not the answer.
      Most of those kids that have gone to jail for smoking pot for 1 to 5 years have been ruined. When you think about it no one using any drug should go to jail.
      You have elected to confessed drug users to be president but still want to put people in jail. Idiotic.

    • So why is it ok when other presidents issue pardons but bad when the black guy does it? Before you accuse me of race baiting, please answer my question.

    • Hope he does. Why do you want to pay millions or billions in taxes just to house and feed nonviolent potheads? Let them go back to mooching off their parents instead of the government.

    • gaydan, you do have a problem with specifics. It seems like large, round number appeal to you, It does make your ideas easier for you to comprehend. By the way, how many thousands are you talking about? Or, is that a number that just happened to pop into your micro cerebral?

    • gaydan,,, I'm kinda new to this MB, so I'm gonna pretend to be nice. Now drippystring is why I got invested in this MB that fool attacked me. I called my resources and you see the results. Now gaydan, I'm not gonna try2 reason with you as you are completely unreasonable. So instead I'm gonna tell you once. it never works but I like I warned u. soooo, here's the deal, u and drippystring, hog this board... 24/7. And You insult folks like me. Sooo what u will notice we will b around. I'm a 10 year vet. on MB's so enjoy the NEW BOARD. you'll notice I'm sure.......
      NOW as to prisons, convicts, jail, and prisoners. What your ego sez is lock up every one who breaks the law. Problem is YOU ARE IGNORANT. fact. example.. I won't belittle you yet. Although I'm chomping at the bit to do so. I will wait for effect. Now I digress, facts about imprisonment. WE PAY outsourced prison, and jail help. AVG. PRISON INMATE COST $175,000.00 PER YR. Now consider those up for release. #1 pot convictions. A person is caught with a tiny baggie with a dried plant that grows naturally, in every country on this planet. period. u think about that.... and I come play with you from time to time. don't just fly off the handle. think. I'm high IQ. And I'll be back. THINK.

    • THANK YOU gaydan, You help educate. When we try to explain BIGOTRY, STUPIDITY, OR holding back the natural evolution, best, and highest purpose for society. It;s quite hard to express clearly what a hold back such as yourself,
      would look or seem like. I appreciate you throwing your myopic, narrow-minded-ignorant of the facts view. So that we may watch and learn......

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