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  • Facts_and_facts_only Facts_and_facts_only Apr 16, 2000 10:56 PM Flag

    Long-timers in GE will bail tomorrow

    People have consistently made profits with GE
    over the years. They will take their long-term gains
    and withdraw to the sidelines.

    The risks
    associated with GE Capital in a slowing economy are
    enormous. Besides, GE's P/E is at least twice that of
    diversified companies.

    If the market falls sharply
    tomorrow, GE will fall at least 150% faster, IMHO.

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    • to all the idiots, bashers, cry babies,morons
      with their dirty mouths like the dummy from canada, i
      am a long timer . After the 3 for 1 split i am going
      stay even longer with plenty. So k--s my s--. What you
      all need is a doctor. You are all nothing but sore
      losers. Yas. P. S have a h--- s--- day.

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