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  • ben5878 ben5878 Oct 20, 2010 3:37 PM Flag

    Thank you - IRA Increase

    I want to thank you all for doubling my IRA over the week period, I got to purchase 100K averaging at 2.10 a share and sold today at 445K. I'm waitng by the side line to buy back in for another opportunity to make money in this stock.

    Again, thank you for funding my retirement.....

    God bless everyone.....

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    • Good job Ben! may want to hold on to a few shares for the big run up when we get our settlement or win case, maybe you can retire early. I have this in my ira too. Nice to manage my own with AMTD. I think we will get a chance to buy more in the 3's again when most of the traders move on to the next hot stock they will forget about PIP.

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      • hey ben,desert,congrats to ya'll guys on your success in the trade.i have a question for you both,and it will come after i give a little background on myself. To keep it short,i have an advised account totaling just over 100k.its not an IRA attached account and its with thrivent i do have some ira money (around 50k) in the same company and am 52yo.,2 sons in college costing me @ 40k/year>next 1 year,then 1 out and 25k for 2 more years. i have 25k invested in a private oil/gas project with payoff of about 3 years.i had about 25k in an etrade acct and now its down to 12k. i would like to know who you got a self-directed IRA through and can i just claim a certain said amount as my IRA each year and then just manage it myself? thanks to u both in advance for your responses!! i do own PIP 1K shares (non-ira) and just got in a 4.05. thanks again,bmoza

    • the good thing about trading IRA that you don't need to worry about paying peanalty 10%. I love that part. me too,now I am starting trading my IRA,but still like to buy a good stock and don't like to be a day trader for IRA's account.

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      • I don't have confidenance in the market anymore unless I'm doing the trades. I have lots of patients with my IRA money, I go into a stock and out within a week. Sometimes I jump in a stock and out within an hour or two, I do this with Halliburton and GE about once a month to pick up an extra 10k to my IRA.

        Patients is the key and never leave your IRA in a stock you can't watch!!

    • gl.............

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