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  • holywallst holywallst Sep 23, 2011 5:30 PM Flag

    You Longs are no match for us SHORTS

    If today wasnt proof enough for you, wait till next week when we really show you longs the power of shorting

    You longs need to realize that the MMs may have planned a pre-determined pump n dump, otherwise a stock doesnt just open at $3.35 and drops to $2.15 or so on the same day

    The news does not matter, what the MMs and management have decided matters. If they have decided to take this stock to $1 or 80 cents, then thats what will happen, dont beat your drums of the court's good news and $Billions $ award and all that cr..

    means nothing if they have made up their mind to take the stock down, and I believe they have.

    Any of you longs dare to go head-to-head with a brave short like me??? Of course I will cover within the next few days at the lowest price I can get. for now I am hoping $1.70-$1.80, but if this shows strength then maybe I will cover at $1.90-$2

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    • wmtadd Sep 23, 2011 7:05 PM Flag

      suprise see what happens next week, i wouldnt be sellin short lol

    • Well I must say Holy, the rest of the board may hate you, but I'm impressed with your crash call after the court ruling in PIP's favor.

      I was gonna buy PIP at $3 and I changed my mind because of your comments. You got good instincts. I'm very impressed. I owe ya one.

      Check out DTLK for a long play. Quarterly next month. In low 8's now and good for a 3 point pop after. Grab 100 Oct $7.50 calls.

      Thanks again buddy...


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      • You are welcome Boogeyman.
        Its not all instincts though my friend

        This morning, I tweaked my trading filters to find best shorting candidates, and all 3 of my diff SHORT filters started showing PIP as a shorting candidate. Then as it went higher after open, the short filters turned to SCREAMING SHORT filters, based on parameters such as VWAP, MACD, etc...

        Well rest is history. I knew for a fact that this was a head fake gap up looking at how grossly high this was from the VWAP itself.

        Funny thing is at $2.17 today, PIP showed up on my COVER/STRONG BUY filters and so I covered 80% of my short at $2.17. I wasnt gonna disclose that but since you appreciated my skills, I thought I would let you know.

        Now I do believe this will seriously bounce on Monday. Cant say after that. Same thing happened with CIGX and PRMW. I was there until the bottom and suddenly I vanished from the boards, as I had covered at the bottom and I knew both would rocket up. Someone asked me "well if you were so sure CIGX would bottom at high $1s and then go to $3s, why didnt you buy it at $1.80 or so? Well, if you knew PRMW would bounce from $3.80s to low $7s, why were you posting negative stuff at $3.80s and NOT buying at $3.80s"???

        Answer is twofold:

        1. Just because I am posting negative stuff at the bottom does NOT mean I am shorting at the bottom. I am trying to cover at the lowest possible price.

        2. I dont buy stocks no matter how much money is to be made. That is just a cardinal rule I dont break. I would rather make 10 cents profit shorting than make $10 buying a stock. Some things are more imp than money. Its the principle for me

        My filters did say a STRONG BUY at $2.17 just before close, like you are crazy not to cover and this may not go lower on Monday BUY. Yet, I only covered 80% of my position, and 1 part of me still wants to defy logic and wants it to go lower. Even if this goes to $2.70 and I cover my remaining 20% there, I am not losing anything. Remember I shorted in the low $3s. But since you appreciated me, I will separate my BS from the truth. Truth is this has bottomed. This may do a PRMW or CIGX and double easily from here. At low $2s all my STRONG BUY filters lit up like Disneyworld fireworks but you know me, I aint BUYING...just my principles wont let me.

    • Except you are lying and trying to cover your short from a couple days ago. This was 2.12 Thursday then halted. you admittedly have been short on this for a while. you are lying trying to scare people. you have lost a boat load on the 35% increase yesterday and you are trying for damage control. If your script or program that you "came up with" were so great you really wouldn't be wasting your time on a yahoo message board. you just wouldn't. why? because people and companies who have real money would be knocking on your door and you wouldn't care about a CONSTANTLY trying to drive the price down. YOU GOT CAUGHT SHORTING PIP and now you are panicking. IT IS CLEAR TO Everyone. People who make the kind of money and claim the success rate you are claiming don't troll the message boards trying REPEATEDLY to convince people to sell and join their 'team'. you sir are full of it.

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      • wmtadd Sep 23, 2011 7:07 PM Flag

        holywall is just describing to you his height he is,

      • I've "dared" to go head to head with you a few times today but you just ignored my posts. Talk your talk. Some were shaken out of their shares today. The rest of us remain. I think you are a retail short, not one of the big boys. Then again, you could be a possibly a paid basher /intimidator. How long do you think the naked short selling will last? That's not actually a question to you, just a thought. Your playing with fire and at least, that, you are fully aware of. If you have or will have money invested or are on margin, you have the need to keep up your foolish talk. Unless again, you are getting paid by your employer to work so hard.

        Either way, work harder because there are many of us that aren't selling our shares - dilution or not. We know what we have and you have no credibility with us.

        Oh, and by the way, just in case you are a paid basher boy, they get paid per response. I, myself, think you are heading to, or are in financial trouble. However, just to play it safe, I, and am sure others, won't be responding to any more of your posts. You'll have to respond to ours (no money paid for that). So post away. Work it.

        It mattered to us today but not anymore. If you use false information, we will create our own posts to correct it, rather than respond to yours, so bye bye.

    • I will take that bet. PIP will be over $5.00 within 2 weeks. What happened today does not scare the majority of the longs. We know why the sell happen today (S-3) PIP will be fine.

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