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  • jacat62 jacat62 Oct 20, 2012 5:08 PM Flag

    I will be posting some of Teebranes analysis during these trouble times

    Shorts are over-exposed and too trusting in the fickleness of the long camp, and probably just had a bunch of green-candle bashing squirts pile on (same as 2010, when we went up 300%)...Short excess primes the bubble, reality is what pops it. I think it's a good bet that just happened Friday. You have not hit my ask yet - when your opponent is scared, be greedy. I do believe one day PIP will be an $8 stock. Sooner is better, but one should at least expect a couple of Qs in which PIP notches an QEPS north of 10c first. No newbie should trust I know what I'm talking about on that point without first AT LEAST seeing the insiders pony up more of their own cash. But shorty is either covering or doubling down - either way, we get buying pressure sooner or later. PIP gaining 27% on shorts getting stopped out after a fruitless week of bid pinning and utterly expected good news isn't the strangest story here - SIGA going up 8% on unambiguously bad news is. Pretty ridiculous forward P/Es on the key stats pages (PIP 8.67, SIGA 2.36). Parties might settle with something as simple as a SIGA stock dividend to PIP shareholders - I'd probably vote for a "1 SIGA share for every 2 PIP shares owned, as of some set payout date" deal, and SIGA would only have to dilute 24M shares to recover a no-brainer-bargain price conviction buy rating. And then there is the much more obvious and probable catalyst - FDA approval. Both stocks will fly or flop on that news. Both companies having highly skilled people gifted and experienced in the art of stock play? What could possibly go wrong for the shorts in the meantime? Shorty can go all in on the river for all I care - I got the straight, you got the ace?

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    • at least there is an attempt at analysis on his part. You are somewhat fixated on Teebrane, I assume a grudge match of some sorts. You want to blame pip's performance on one yahoo poster??? I think the court ruling, sparvax destiny with the FDA and ultimately management are the one you need to address. When a football team loses you look at the coaches and the team not blame it on the cheerleaders!!

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